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Allergy-friendly food with spice and colour


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Why Allergy friendly food




I want to be able to pick and choose and not be limited to a specific diet. That’s the reason for this site: I would like to share with you my favourite recipes and ideas for food, based on ANY food ALLERGY. My hope is that you will rediscover food, leading to a less stressful relationship with cooking and eating, whatever you may be suffering from, whether it be allergy, intolerance, IBS, coeliac disease or Crohn’s.



  Getting help is essential. My hope is that you will join our network and use these ideas to make great food! I am a happy amateur so, together with your healthcare professionals, let’s work together to improve your enjoyment of eating.

Your health is your responsibility!



 All recipes are based on items you can actually buy. My basic principle of cooking is that food needs colour and spice and that even allergy-friendly food (maybe with a few tweaks here and there) must be enjoyable for the whole family.


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