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Prep time:

2 minutes

Time to cook


Good for:

anytime snack

Roibos iced tea with Cherries

This recipe is from a Freshpak Roibos tea. I have eliminated the sugar and during the days of summer, I use this as a festive drink. You could add alcohol, but just like this it is perfect.


10 cherries, stem removed, stones left in

1 tsp good vanilla extract

1 liter of roibos tea- use good quality and clean roibos tea


Add sparkling or still water to taste

Decorate with mint leaves


Step 1

Make the tea. Add the cherries and vanilla. Leave in the fridge for 24 hours. Remove the cherries. Add additional cold still or fizzy water to taste. decorate with the mint and serve.


This is a base recipe no need to add sugar, no need to add extra cherries. Just serve cold and enjoy. 

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