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Ready in:

10 minutes

Time to bake

25-28 minutes by 175 degrees

Good for:

lunch or as an appetiser.

Scallops- Scandinavian Taste

A wonderful recipe for an easy and light appetizer borrowed and adjusted to suit the allergy-friendly diet.


3-4 large scallops per person
Fried bacon pieces
Ruccola salad to serve
One red beet baked
Balsamico vinegar 4 drops per plate
2 slices of cucumber on each plate

a sprig of dill on each plate


Step 1

Pad dry the scallops with kitchen paper- do not add salt or pepper until fried.

Step 2

Cook on a very dry pan. and once done -2 minutes on each side- spinkle with salt and pepper and then place on the plates..

Step 3

On each plate add a bit of ruccola salad, place the cooked clams on top. Sprinkle with a bit of good basalmic vinegar and add a sprinkle of cooked bacon pieces and a sprig of dill.

Step 4

Add a fourth of baked red beet chopped into rough pieces on each plate


You can serve this with Dark toasted rye bread or just as it is.

You can use prosciutto fried instead of bacon pieces or just leave it out completely.

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