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Prep time:

3 hours
20 minutes

Time to bake

1 hour

Good for:


Chocolate chia pudding

Borrowed and adjusted from Mollie Tunitsky’s book about FODMAP freindly food. I love the balance of fat and sweet in this- especially because desserts are difficult for me.


1 1/2 cups of full-fat canned coconut milk- must be unsweetened- buy in the asian supermarket.

1/4 cup of chia seeds

3 tbsp good cocoa powder

2 table spoon maple syrup or to taste

1/5 tsp sea salt.


Step 1

Put the ingredients in glass jar with resealable lid. Shake until very well combined. I move the dessert to the serving forms at this point and then keep in the fridge until next day and serve chilled.

Serve with a bit of fresh fruit, chopped nuts if you can have it or a good shaving of high quality chocolate or slices orange peel or coconut slices. loads of possibilities.

more than enough for 4 small desserts


You can substitute cocoa powder and maple syrup with drinking cocoa sweetened with coconut flower sugar. I can get a super good one here in the organic food stores.

I use a shaker for making this- one which was originally for some protein powder and that works very well. If you are preparing for guests spice it up with cinnamon, vanilla extract,fresh mint, even a tiny bit of orange peel.

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