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3-4 people

Prep time:

30 minutes

Time to cook

45 minutes

Good for:


Peanut butter chicken with Gnocchi

This is truly Friday comfort food. Peanut-butter, gnocchi, broccoli and just then in the oven. And best yet, you can freeze leftovers and just re-heat for an easy dinner.

I have once again borrowed the original recipe, this time from a television cooking show and tweaked for allergy friendly.


1 kg of chicken thighs – no skin, no bones

3 cloves of garlic sliced finely

2 heads of broccoli

250 g or 2 portions of gluten-free gnocchi

2 red onions, cut in wedges

For the sauce:

2-3 tbsp green curry paste

4 tbsp peanut butter

t tbsp honey

1 tsp sea salt

2 tbsp vegetable oil

small handful chopped peanuts

juice of 1/2 lime

small handful of chopped coriander


Step 1

clean chicken for fat, cut in halves. Pad dry.

Step 2

Heat oven to 180 degrees fan or 200 degrees.

Place salt, chili paste, peanut butter, oil and honey in bowl. Add the chicken and mix well with your hands. Leave.

Step 3

n a pot bring water to boil and add gnocchi’s. as soon as they rise to the top, drain and then add to chicken.

Mix well

Step 4

Prepare the garlic, onion and broccoli and place in oven proof dish (20cm/22cm approximately). Add the chicken mix and once again mix well.

bake for 45 minutes. Shake well mid way.

Step 5

Serve with the coriander, peanuts and lime juice.


If you have issues with garlic, use 1 tbsp garlic oil together with the olive oil mix.

You can serve this with a green salad as well, but I think it covers the food groups for a Friday evening easy meal.

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