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Prep time:

10 minutes

Time to cook


Good for:


Potato salad as a light and easy summer dinner

Who said dinner has to be warm or that you can not mix your own salad and add a few favorites.

This is one of my favorite go-to dinners, when I do not want to cook, but still want a satisfying meal, which also looks pretty.


6 cold cooked new potatoes

10 Roasted hasel nuts, chopped roughly

1/10 squash or courgette, sliced very thinly- I use an asparagus peeler

30 g of roquette

10 small new radises sliced

10 cherry tomatoes


Avocado cream:

100 g of lactose free cream cheese

Juice of a lemon 

1 ripe avocado

sea salt  and pepper to taste

A good handful of curly parsley


To serve:

Sea salt to taste

pepper to taste

1/2 avocado per person -sliced thinly

a handful of freshly plucked dill

a few sprigs of flat-leaved parsley



Step 1

Slice the potatoes

Roast the hazelnuts and rub until the skins fall off*, chop roughly

Make the avocado cream

Divide the salad and squash on the plates. Add the avocado, potatoes, radishes, and cherry tomatoes. 

Sprinkle with the hazelnuts, dill and parsley. Add salt and pepper and serve with the avocado cream.


 *I prepare the hazelnuts almost every week in the summer. Roast on the dry pan until brown and the skin starts to fall off when  you toss the nuts. take off and let cool completely on baking paper. Then use a tea towel and your hands to rub off the skins. It takes a while and when you have tried a few times you get it done more easily. I keep the nuts in a glass jar and add to salads as the crunchy bit. 

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