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Prep time:

1 hour

Time to chill

5 hours

Good for:


Lemon cheese cake

I call it my Lemon and lime mousse cake. It is so light and refreshing. Borrowed recipe from the FODMAP diet and Sue Shepard’s books and it’s really, really good.

I have changed the recipe slightly for items easier to find and less sweet. You can tweak the recipe more and serve with different things- and it will keep just until tomottow in the fridge.


200 g biscuits- gluten-free and a bit sweet or use gluten-free chocolate chip cookies mixed with plain biscuits.

4 tbsp melted butter

125 ml boiling water

2 tsp gelatin powder


250 g mascarpone at room temperature

300 ml of lactose free cream for shipped cream

75 g of  fine sugar

125 ml Lemon juice

2 tbsp of grated lemon zest

2 tbsp of shredded coconut



2 egg whites at room temperature

lime zest curls to serve as well as extra coconut shredded


Step 1

Crumble the biscuits and.  Press into a 23 cm spring cake form. Add the melted butter and press again. Leave to cool in the fridge. 

Step 2

Mix gelatin powder with the boiling water- then use a bain marie to completely dissolve the gelatin powder. (I use a musli bowl  in my small pot- just make sure the water does not touch the bowl.


Step 3

Beat the mascarpone, cream, 1/2 of the sugar, lemon juice and zest, coconut and gelatin until very well combined.

Step 4

In a separate bowl beat the egg whites and remaining sugar until peaks formed. Fold the eggs into the mascarpone mixture until well combined. This is where you taste to ensure you have enough sugar in there. It has to be fresh, not sweet but not 2 lemons are alike, so check. 

Step 5

Pour the filling over biscuit base and level with a spatula. Let the cake cool in the fridge for 3 hours or until set.

Sprinkle with the lime zest curls and coconut and serve.


You could use bergamot, lime or orange instead of lemon. Adjust the amount of sugar and coconut accordingly. You can also decorate with caramelized slices of lemon for effect or edible flowers- or I have seen easter eggs used with beautiful results.

I have used gluten free unsweetened cookies, combined with gluten free chocolate chip cookies. The base should not be too sweet, but see what you can even get where you are. 

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