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Prep time:

30 minutes

Time to rest

2-3 hours in fridge

Good for:


Icing on the cake

Major cheat dessert, but it works. And actually makes all the difference.

Start buying Betty Crocker’s gluten-free chocolate cake mix. Follow the base instructions and then it’s all about the icing on the cakes.

It is no secret that the cake decorating is not my talent and last time I tried cupcake making, I had more decorations on the worktop than on the tilted cupcakes- not cute. I like simple solutions for a sweet treat. This is one- Enjoy.


l package betty crocker chocolate cake mix

Bake as per instructions

300 g lactose free creme fraiche
125 g icing sugar
1 tsp orange zest
Juice of 1/2 Orange
1 Tbsp freshly sqeezed lime juice

Shavings of orange and lime zest


Step 1

Bake the Cupcakes a tiny bit less than the instructions says to keep them moist. Leve to cool completely.

Step 2

Mix the icing ingredients well. Make sure to taste once before using to make sure the tart/fat and sweet taste is to your liking

Step 3

Using a piping bag make sure you cover each cupcake and then sprinkle with the lime/orange shavings. Be aware that the icing is very rich, so do not use a very thick layer.

Step 4

Leave to cool in the fridge at least 2-3 hours and serve as they are or add pretty mint leaves or a chocolate leaf on each.


For this indulgent frosting at least you know it’s allergy-friendly and very full of calories. You can try with cocoa as well, though you will need to adjust the sugar. This is where the need to taste before adding to your cakes comes in very handy.
The acidity from the orange and lime juice really does help elevate this dessert so look for additions, which will compliment.
Whipped cream works alternative to the cream cheese. It’s looser so be more careful when piping.
I do not have a piping bag but a good quality freezer bag with a very small hole cut out works very well- and can get straight in the bin afterwards.

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