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2-3 people

Prep time:

45 minutes

Time to cook

10 minutes for the rice

Good for:


Salmon Poke bowl

The secret is in the use of sushi rice and assembling the bowl ingredients. It takes a bit of time, but I think is even more more allergy-friendly than store-bought sushi and you decide what to mix, so a favorite really


200 g sushi rice, washed until water run clear and cooked

1 tbsp of rice vinegar

1 tsp of salt and 1/2 tsp of sugar

2 Carrots shredded and marinated in 1/2 tsp of soy sauce, smidgen of salt and 1/2 tsp vinegar and sugar each.

200 g fresh raw salmon

1-2 tbsp of mayonnaise

1 tbsp of gluten-free soy sauce

1/4 tsp fish sauce

1 teaspoon of sesame oil

Juice of 1/2 lemon


1 tsp sriracha sauce

3 spring onions sliced lengthwise julienne

1/2 cup of radicchio sliced finely

small handful of chopped salted peanuts – if using

1 avocado, sliced thinly

1 large handful of chopped coriander


Step 1

Prepare the carrots and leave in fridge until you are assembling the bowls.

Step 2

Mix the mayonnaise, soy sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce, lemon juice, sriracha sauce and pepper. Add the salmon cut into small pieces. Leave for 30 minutes rest in fridge.

Step 3

Wash the rice until water run clear. then cook according to package instructions- cook on medium heat while stirring until water is evaporated. Then close lid and leave to rest on warm cooker for 10 minutes. Add vinegar,salt and sugar and mix carefully and leave warm.

Step 4

In meantime prepare the spring onion cut into julienne, slice the radicchio, chop the coriander.

Step 5

Place the rice on bottom of serving bowl, add the salmon, avocado slices, carrots, spring onions and radicchio on top. Add the coriander and nuts on top and serve.


Depending on your allergies you can add Nori sheets, sliced finely, skip the nuts or avocado. Use cooked chicken or shrimp or even crab if you prefer that to salmon. You can certainly use the same marinade for the chicken or shrimp.

This is a great dish- serve for friends- once you can meet again- as a starter or use for a lovely and light Friday evening dinner. or even serve with the oven baked marinated salmon as a very colorful meal.

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