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Prep time:

4 hours

Time to cook

1-2 minutes

Good for:


Wheat- free Gnocchi

Much harder than I expected and mine certainly did not look like this borrowed photo. I will keep trying and one day hopefully we will succeed. But the taste was really good and hearty for a winter stew. Real comfort food.


900 g potatoes

300 g mixed flour (mix 100 g corn flour with 100 tapioca and 100 g brown rice flour)

3 eggs


nutmeg, freshly ground

Fresh sage leaves 3-6 depending on your taste


Step 1

Boil the potatoes in a large pot, so that still firm. peel and grind Manually. they should still have some structure. This is not mash. DO NOT THROW THE WATER AWAY.

Step 2

Add the eggs, salt and corn flour to the potatoes.

mix well and form a 1/2 cm tall square. leave to cool for 30 minutes

Step 3

In the meantime put plenty of well salted water over to boil (re-use your potato water)Some people swear it makes them tastier- I tend to agree.

Step 4

Cut into long strips and this is where you can choose to roll before cutting or leave square. Press each gnocchi with a fork and put in the boiling water. boil in batches 1-2 minutes until they rise to the top . take out and leave to dry on kitchen roll or a kitchen towel.

Step 5

Put away and when needed heat a good olive oil in a pan- add the sage leaves and when aromatic add the Gnocchi to heat through.

Serve with a salad or meat balls and when you have been able to make them look pretty- send me a picture, please!


I have tried to add a tsp of fresh lemon peel to half my portion and that taste great as well, depending on what you serve them with.

My brother-in-law swears they need to be rolled and formed as they will not otherwise be thin enough, but then he makes them with wheat flour, so the texture is different!

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