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1 bread

Ready in:

a morning- soak the oats for an hour or 2

Baking time

45 minutes at 200 degrees

Good for:


Bread made with soaked oats and protein

This is a mix of a couple of recipes- originally based on the simple bread, but with addition of various ideas. it will keep evolving, but it’s also great in this version. One thing i am learning, try and try again.


4 tbsp chia seeds
200 g leftover mascarpone or skyr
1 tsp sea salt
250 g gluten free oats, soaked in just enough water to soften- for 1 hour
70 g Brown rice flour
60 g golden lin seeds
3 tsp baking powder
4 medium eggs
2 tbsp Psyllium husk
50 g soy flakes
50 g sesame seeds
100 g mixed nuts and almonds
50 g cooked rice or quinoa


Step 1

Mix skyr and eggs very well in bowl. Add the oats and make sure it is well incorporated

Step 2

Add dry ingredients to bowl and mix well. It will be a bit wet at this stage, but leave and let the baking powder work.

Step 3

Leave for 10 minutes.
In the meanwhile heat the oven to 175 degrees fan or 200 degrees top/bottom. Grease a baking form approximately 1 kg size.

Step 4

Taste and adjust the seasoning. Pour a tbsp over each plate with the scallops and bring the rest of the sauce for your guests to add.

Step 5

Once dough is ready you can add additional oats if it feels to wet.


Do not use extra cooked rice or quinoa in this recipe or your bread will not hold together.
The mascarpone or skyr helps keep it moist, but it also means that it might mold faster than a loaf of more dry bread.
I cut this in half and freeze one half and use the rest for toast and soups. You can change this endlessly.
Soy flakes are really for the texture difference. Use steel cut oats as well, but then you really need to soak them first.
You are in a hurry, no need to soak the oats, but add then a bit more skyr or mascarpone. Sometimes I even add a smidgen of cardamon to my bread for ‘just something different’.

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