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enough for 3-4 breads

Prep time:

5 days

Time to bake

Good for:

any gluten free yeast bread

Sourdough rice flour starter

It does not work well, unless you have really warm place and you use BROWN rice flour and the grapes. Please use bottled water or filtered water only. The Chlorine in most tap water will make creating the starter impossible. I find this much easier in the summer than in the winter.


Brown rice flour

bottled still water- timid.


Day 1

150 g brown rice flour
200 g tepid bottled water
Mix and settle the grapes in the paste still on their stalks. Cover with a plate and leave in a warm place for 24 hours.

Day 2

45g brown rice flour
60g tepid bottled water
Lift out the grapes carefully and discard. Stir the mixture well and add the flour and water. Re-cover and leave for another 24 hours.

Day 3

45 g brown rice flour

60g tepid bottled water
Stir and add flour and water. Recover and leave for another 24 hours. By now the yeasty smell should have started. if not find a warmer place.

Day 4

90 g BROWN rice flour
120 g tepid bottled water
Stir, add flour and water, stir again. Re-cover and leave for 24 more hours.

Day 5

Now your starter should be ready. transfer to a glass with lid- killner style without the rubber seal. Do not close too tightly.
On the day of use you can re do day 4 approximately 1 hour before you need it.

When you store in the fridge, you will need to leave the starter in a warm place to reheat every time you use- or hot water in the kitchen sink and place the glass there for a few hours.

if your starter seems less lively you can add 1 tbsp live youghurt or milk kefir. Alternatively add a small bunch of unwashed bio-grapes, still on their stem and leave for 4 days. then your starter should be back to full strength.

You can always leave to slowly heat up in your kitchen, just feed it as per day 3 for a couple of days.


You could make the starter using teff, sorghum or buckwheat if you prefer. Brown rice flour has the mildest flavor so it can be used in any combination bread.

My starter generally works better in the summer than winter because my kitchen is a bit drafty, so adding the live yoghurt is helpful.

If the starter turns sour and there is no activity after ‘reawakening’ and feeding for a couple of days. You will have to start all over- so keep it alive- it takes work.

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