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Prep time:

25 minutes

Time to cook


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Strawberry summer salad

Another borrowed recipe from the Danish salad specialist. This is a perfect and festive salad for a lunch party.  As uual, I have adjusted to be as allergy-friendly as possible. 


400 g strawberries, cleaned, halved. Marinate for 20 minutes with salt, pepper and 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, while you prepare the rest.



1 iceberg salad

100 g ruccola

2 avocado’s not too soft

50 g pine nuts roasted

200 small fresh peas

2 tbsp of olive oil



Step 1

Marinate the strawberries first and keep in the fridge until the rest is finalised 

Roast the pine nuts on the dry pan until fragrant and leave to cool

Cut the ice berg roughly and combine with the ruccola. Prepare the avocado’s by cutting in slices and drip the lemon juice over.

Add the peas and strawberries. Toss the salad. drizzle with the olive oil and taste- make sure it’s not too wet.

Taste and add maybe a bit more pepper. Sprinkle the pine-nuts over  and serve.



The recipe calls for strawberries to be added without the marinade and then us ethe marinade with the olive oil to create a dressing. this method gives you more control over the amount of marinade, but is not actually necessary if you stick to the amounts above.

I love this salad with barbecue with roasted new potatoes with dill. Or even for a lunch on its own. As always you can use keep the nuts separate if there are allergies. But with this salad ask your guests about their allergies or serve it with  the peas, pine-nuts and strawberries in separate bowls.

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