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Prep time:

25 minutes

Time to leave

leave for 2 hours to soften the cabbage

Good for:


Mango and red cabbage salad

I have borrowed the picture- with sincere thanks. This is another winter salad- adjusted as I think it was getting mushy. It is a recipe borrowed from the ayurveda kitchen. I had it with the Christmas dinner. Try.


1 handful of toasted pumpkin seeds

1 mango cut into cubes

1 cup of red cabbage sliced finely

1o mint leaves 

small handful of coriander leaves chopped  

2 cups of romaine salad


1 tbsp olive oil

1/2 tsp grated ginger

juice of 1/2 lime

1 tsp maple syrup

pepper to taste

sea salt to taste

1 tbsp of coriander leaves chopped and lime slices to serve


Step 1

Mix the marinade- and taste it. leave to stand. in a mixing bowl add all the vegetables. Mix well with marinade. Leave for 2 hours.  Sprinkle with coriander leaves and serve.


You can leave the red cabbage mixed with 1/2 tsp sea salt to soften for a couple of hours. I prefer to let it soften in the marinade directly as it gets less ‘soggy’ that way. But you can soften, just remember to be careful with the amount of salt in the marinade afterwards. You can also add whole almonds. 

The original recipe calls for 1 avocado as well. I will keep that separate and maybe serve it to the salad, but if you add it- you need to eat it all very quickly.

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