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Prep time:

25 minutes

Time to cook


Good for:

Dinner as a side

Spring Salad with avocado cream

This is another borrowed recipe from the Danish salad specialist. This is a perfect recipe for an easy and very green Spring salad. I have adjusted- as usual. Be very careful with the cashews. You can use other nuts or serve in a separate bowl.


150 g cashews, roasted on dry pan and tossed with 1 tbsp of good sea salt 

1 squash or courgette, sliced very thinly- I use an asparagus peeler

125 g of roquette or rocket salad


Avocado cream:

100 g of lactose free cream cheese

Juice of a lemon 

1 ripe avocado

sea salt  and pepper to taste

A good handful of curly parsley



Step 1

Mix the ingredients for the avocado cream, in the blender until smooth. Keep in a separate bowl.

Roast the cashews on the dry pan until fragrant and start to smoke a little bit. Toss with the sea salt and leave to cool on baking paper.

Place the rocket salad on a large serving plate, add the sliced courgette on top and finally sprinkle with additional rocket and the cashew nuts.

Just before serving add a dollop of the avocado cream and serve the rest together with the salad.


The recipe calls for paprika and olive oil to be added to the cashews. I think, they are much more versatile and actually taste better without the additional oil, so I keep them in a closed glass jar (for about 2 weeks) and add to some of my different salads.

You can create noodles of the squash if you have a spiralizer. I don’t and happily use an asparagus peeler- important is just to have thin slices.

If you keep the avocado cream separate, it will keep a couple of days in the fridge and is very good with oven roasted potatoes or as a dip. 

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