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Basic instructions

In My Cupboard
Yeast-free Bouillon, Gluten-free breadcrumbs, Low salt soy Sauce, Fish Sauce, Sea salt, mix berry pepper, Green and red chili, a glass of good quality Arabiata sauce, walnuts, sesame seeds, A super good Virgin olive oil,Sesame seed oil, Marple syrup, Chinese cooking wine, a good white wine for cooking,a super neutral olive oil- here we call it douche, Coconut milk- fat- unsweetened. I am sure to be forgetting loads so this list will grow.. bear with me.

Portion sizes- yes it is important

Most of the recipes here will be for an average of four hungry people – unless I specify otherwise. With some of the portions, you need to be careful depending on your allergies and intolerance. It will make a huge difference, so remember a little bit once in a while is a lot better than never once an allergy develops.
Metric and cups

An egg is not just an egg and tsp is different weight depending on whether it is salt or cinnamon. I am terrible at this and I have just as many Americans as European recipe books. So watch it until I get better and can share a table with the comparisons.

Until then, I will try to be as precise as possible.