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portion for 6 people

Prep time:

10 minutes

Time to bake

Good for:

snacks and appetizer or drinks


This is the simplest dip and delicious with just Tortilla chips and olives when having people around for drinks- well when we are allowed again. I love this as well with cucumber sticks for lunch.


2 cloves of garlic chopped

1 tin of chick peas

Juice of 1/2- 1 lemon as per your taste

1 tsp sea salt

2 tbsp tahini

2 tbsp of ice cold water


Step 1

Add all ingredients to the blender. Pulse until well combined.

Place in fridge until serving.


Serve with a small drizzle of olive oil and paprika to look pretty- excellent source of protein, but careful of not eating too much- chickpeas is high FODMAP.

The chickpeas need a special mention. As a sulphites intolerant person, i can use the chickpeas from a tin, but not from a glass or the dried in a bag. So really watch this one- at least there is no additional preserves.

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