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Hello, It’s so nice to meet you.

One day, a long time ago, I had very bad food poisoning and suffered repeated infections for a year. Up until then, I had never worried about allergies or labels.

For over 12 years now I have been venturing into the world of food allergy and intolerance. I have used numerous cookbooks and made multiple mistakes. I want to be able to pick and choose among different recipes to SUIT MY SPECIFIC ALLERGIES and food intolerances. Similarly, I don’t want to jump from one diet to another or feel limited.

With this site I want to share some of my favorite dishes and ideas for food, to help you to learn to get quicker results and experience more freedom in the kitchen. I would also like to learn from you so let’s make a community. By doing this hopefully, people with any allergy or intolerance will be able to find help here. Let’s make it easier!

My story, does this help you?

Although I have a number of allergies (various foods, perfume, pollen) I am one of the lucky ones as none of them are life-threatening. However, together these can make eating out and traveling a challenge.

Here’s what I’m allergic to Sulfites (E220-228), baker’s yeast, yellow food coloring, malt, wheat, buckwheat, kiwis, perfume mix 1, grass and birch. In addition, I suffer from IBS with the worst issues being with fructose and high fructose glucose syrup which are an absolute no-go. I can have a little bit of  lactose and I can handle smaller amounts of garlic or spring onions.

Would you like help? A dedicated workshop in the kitchen? or just to ask a question? or exchange ideas. Simply send me an email at [email protected].

Do not go xx-free, unless you absolutely have to

It took me ten years to get my allergies “mostly” under control. I still visit the doctor twice a year. I am hoping that my experiences will be able to help you and that my recipes and “tricks” will enable you to enjoy food again. But I am not a doctor or professional: in fact, I use other people’s advice all the time. I cannot repeat this often enough: make sure you get properly diagnosed, even if it takes years!

Allergies and intolerance should not be taken lightly: please do not go xxx-free unless you absolutely have to!