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a lot

Prep time:

5 minutes

1 hour rest

Time to bake

1 hour

Good for:


Pork scratchings

This is the real deal. I do not eat them, but it’s a hit with my family and friends. Just air out your kitchen very well after making them.


pork skin- the width of your roasting tray in the oven.

sea salt


Step 1

First you find a butcher, so you can get a pork rind.
Then you leave on the table for an hour- then you pour boiling water over and massage well- with a good sea salt into the rind.

Step 2

Turn on the oven on 180 degrees – cook 35 minutes. then turn up oven to 200 and leave until the skin is crackling


Open all your windows and make sure you cook this on a day, where you are going for comfort food and good friends not the day to invite vegetarians or your new boss. It smells…

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