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3-4 people

Prep time:

30 minutes

Time to cook

1 hour

Good for:


Greek inspired one-dish chicken

It’s no secret, that i love one-dish meals straight out of the oven and what is more comforting for a Friday evening than this lemony Greek inspired chicken with potatoes. I have borrowed and adjusted the recipe from YouTube. It’s amazing, what you can find.


1.2 kg of chicken thighs or full legs skin on

4 cloves of garlic sliced or grated

1 Fennel sliced thinly

1 kg potatoes, peeled and cubed

Garnish: black olives, parsley and sliced spring onions (optional)

For the marinade:

1/3 cup of Olive oil

1/4 cup of water

1/4 cup of lemon juice (freshly sqeezed)


2 tsp sea-salt

1/2 tsp of freshly ground black pepper

1 tbsp oregano

1 sprig of fresh thyme (remove before serving)

2 tsp ground cumin

1/2 tsp paprika


Step 1

wash the chicken legs to remove any blood. pad dry.

Step 2

Heat oven to 220 degrees (425 degrees Fahrenheit).

Place the chicken legs in baking pan together with potato cubes, fennel slices and the garlic cloves.

Step 3

Combine the marinade ingredients and pour over the chicken mix.

Combine all spices in a small bowl and mix well.

Step 4

Using your hands mix the spices into the chicken and potato mix.

bake for 45 minutes. Then turn up your oven to 225 degrees and add 15 minutes baking time. At this point you can add the olives if you prefer them warm.

Step 5

Serve with the parsley and spring onions on top.


If you have issues with garlic, use 2 tbsp garlic oil together with the olive oil mix. You could marinate the chicken in the fridge in advance (just do not add the potatoes until you add to the oven) If you decide to marinate, then make sure the chicken is at room temperature.

You can add a salad- i used a fennel slice salad with oranges, lemon juice, 1 tsp of cumin seeds and walnuts. make it a couple of hours beforehand and leave in the fridge. That way you add the texture, but stay within the range of taste.

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