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Please do not attempt a diagnosis without and help and support from a good dietician, a doctor and your family. I make use of other people’s advice and books all the time, my favorites being the FODMAP diet (for managing IBS) by various experts and authors, my slow cooker cookbooks such as “The Asian Slow Cooker” or “Clean Eating”. Below is a list of the resources I use most – a big THANK YOU for all that is available!


I read cookbooks for inspirations- and the pictures, but these, I revisit again and again.

Sue Shepherd, PHD -2 step low FODMAP eating plan

Emma Hatcher-The FODMAP friendly kitchen

Kelly Kwok- The Asian Slow cooker

Linda Larsen-The clean eating Slow cooker

Naomi Devlin-River Cottage Glutenfree

Jordan Bourke-The natural food kitchen

Ellen Brown- Gluten-free Bread

Meena Pathak’s Complete Indian cooking

Katie Chin- Everyday Thai Cooking

Mollie Tunisky- the low FODMAP diet for beginners.

Samin Nosrat- Salt, fat, acid, heat.

To all the food writers above and everyone who has inspired each and every recipe here.