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Ready in:

40 minutes

Time to cook

10 minutes eggs

Good for:


Salad Nicoise

This is our variation. There is no right or wrong with this type of salad, but make sure it fits your allergies and your taste. I serve the tomatoes separately because my husband can not eat those.


2 cups romaine salad
1 cup of ruccola salad
1 nice carrot in thin slices
3 spring onions sliced thinly
4 eggs boiled
80 g feta or slices of mozzarella
120 g can of good tuna in oil
10-15 olives pitted
1/2 cucumber, slices and quartered
chili oil 1 tbsp
salt and pepper
If using add 100 g of fried bacon bits


Step 1

Cook the eggs.

Step 2

Mix all the vegetables and add the egg halves after the chili oil.

Step 3

Serve with the tomatoes and bacon separately. Enjoy.


In Luxembourg restaurants you often get endive along with your salad Nicoise. It contains additional sulfites, so i avoid that, but it taste well, so try.

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