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Prep time:

25 minutes

Time to chill

5 hours or overnight

Good for:


Chocolate mousse- sort of

I got this recipe from my uncle Arthur, who is a baker by profession and it’s both quick and easy to make.

This is enough for 6 people. keep the portions small and make this about fruit with chocolate not chocolate with fruit, but it is so creamy and sinful.


500 ml whipping cream

200 g dark melting chocolate – in chunks- 54%

1/2 tsp cardemon

a taste of sea salt


Step 1

Let the cream come to boil, take off the heat and then add the dark chocolate directly. Stir until melted, it will take a while..

Leave to cool off completely- overnight or min 5 hours in fridge.

Step 2

Whip as if you were making shipped cream- a whisk is actually enough, but otherwise use the handmixer. It takes less than 30 sec.

Place in the serving forms and add fruit.


Instead of the cardamon, you can use the zest of a whole orange. Vanilla extract also works.

Add extra salt or a bit of caramel or use 1/2 tsp of chili or 2 tbsp Rum

Play with the recipe and just think of those portion sizes..

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